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Danna Fonseca is a cook with a deep-rooted passion for southern cuisine and creating flavors that leave a memorable mark on the taste buds. 

Her cooking journey began at a young age. In the early 1990s, she became the primary cook at Ingrid's Soul Food Restaurant in College Park. In this position, she sharpened her skills and developed a profound love for the diverse flavors of the South.

Over the years, Danna has continued to share her cooking skills, taking on numerous catering ventures that have satisfied her clients far and wide. Her dedication to cooking and unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of Southern recipes have made her a beloved figure in her family and community.

In her debut book, "Savoring the South: With a Modern Twist Traditional Southern Recipes," Danna shares her culinary expertise and invites others to savor the soul-warming dishes that have touched the lives and hearts of many.

Our philosophy is simple yet profound: Food can bring people together and create change. 

We are excited to share these quick thirty-minute recipes with you and your family! Purchase your copy TODAY at the links below. 

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Savory Reviews!

"So good makes you wanna slap yo mamma... So delicious."

— Melanie A. F.

"What I love most about this recipe is the short and simple ingredients list. All of the ingredients were easy to find, inexpensive and most were already in my pantry. The recipe instructions were easy to follow and did not take long to prepare. Even an inexperienced cook can whip this up in no time!"

— Joy H.

"Thanks so much for this quick, delicious, simple recipe. I was able to prepare this dish for 6 teen boys and their vote is your burger is better than a Five Guys burger. I recommend the busy mom to give this tasty recipe a try!"

— Edith G.

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About Mrs. Danna Fonseca

Hi there, I'm Danna, a wife, mom, and cook. I love sharing my God-given gifts with those willing to receive them. I also enjoy working in the kitchen with other women and young ladies, where we learn so much from one another and take away wonderful ideas to implement in our everyday lives. My collection of recipes is a gift that I gladly share with others. Check out my collection in my latest book.

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